With a love affair for pop music with purpose, and artists that attempt to meet their audience somewhere beyond the slick production and hooks alone, reaching out is R&B duo Fake Fake.

An array of intergenerational R&B, soul, funk, and electronic influences between them, Victoria (Canada) based artists Charlotte Hynds and Justin Campbell made their genre-bending debut with single “Goodnightmare” in May 2019: quickly landing the duo an international audience in the tens of thousands, performances with a variety of established acts, and a step closer to finding their "somewhere".

Following a casual collaboration, the duo became fast friends and writing partners, with an explosive creative energy and natural chemistry. Their self-described 'Disposable Love' approach to songwriting has been the result, with a focus on rich gospel arrangements, funk-drenched guitars, offset percussion reminiscent of the late J. Dilla, and a wry wit to Campbell’s contemplative lyricism surrounding love, identity, and loss.

The duo’s tender sophomore single “Pretty Black Balloons” is now available.

Fake Fake is producer/ instrumentalist Charlotte Hynds and vocalist/ instrumentalist Justin Campbell.

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